Share a ‘Safe Place Selfie’ to Show Your Severe Weather Shelter


IOWA — The National Weather Service wants to know that you’re ready for severe weather season by sharing a selfie from your home’s “Safe Place.”

When severe weather strikes, the safest place in your home is in the basement or an interior room without windows. The National Weather Service wants you to identify that place in your home and share a selfie on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using hashtag: #SafePlaceSelfie.

The National Weather Service reminds Iowans to find a safe place not just at home, but wherever they may be when severe weather strikes. “If it’s at work or at school or at home, making sure they identify that place in advance so that whenever severe weather comes in we need to take shelter really quickly,” said Brooke Hagenhoff, a National Weather Service meteorologist, “We don’t have to think about where we need to go. We know exactly where we’re going to go.”

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