Seymour Classes Resume After Tornado Strikes Town



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SEYMOUR, Iowa  —  School has reopened in Seymour after an EF-2 tornado struck the Wayne County town on March 6th.

The school took heavy damage to two gyms in the school complex, and the roof and windows were damaged.

“I’m excited. Excited to have the kids back, and get ready and just get back into the swing of things,” said Jamie Houser, Seymour School principal.

Houser stood by the front door and welcomed students back to class after almost three weeks off.

The classes resumed later than planned due to asbestos inside the school building. Tests were needed to assure student possessions were not contaminated.

In a brief opening assembly, Principal Houser thanked everyone for their help in getting the building ready.

“I just want let you guys know how proud I am of you for all that you’ve done to help us get this place ready for school,” said Houser. “There’s no place I would rather be, you guys are my people.”

Houser is a graduate of the Seymour Schools.

Several parents expressed thanks for classes resuming, after an unexpectedly long break. People here are thankful no one was killed or injured.

“We’re really thankful because I wasn’t home, my kids were, and I was able to call them and get them to a different house on time,” said Penny Berry. “But they were at a house where two trees fell on the porch.”

“It impacted the students. It was really tragic and sad, but then the whole community came together and just put the school together and we’re here today,” said student Thayda Houser, who is a freshman at Seymour.

School officials are waiting for a final assessment from the insurance company to know how they will proceed to repair the damaged school building. Voters in the Seymour School District had approved a bond issue to do some work on the school this summer, but those contracts have not yet been awarded.

Superintendent of Schools Brad Breon said the district remains committed to fixing the school building and keeping the school district going in Seymour.


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