SEXUAL ASSAULT: Repeat Elderly Convict Moved To Geriatric Ward

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An elderly Iowan convicted of four sex offenses has been committed to the geriatric ward of the Mental Health Institute in Clarinda.

William Cubbage was moved from being held by the Iowa Department of Corrections after a civil case against him was dropped in March.

The case was brought after the 85-year-old allegedly sexually assaulted a 95-year-old woman at his nursing home in 2011.

The case spurred proposals at the Statehouse but nothing significant ever passed.

Cubbage was also convicted in 1987 and 1991 on sex offenses involving a child. In 1997 he was given a suspended jail sentence for a similar offense and in 2000 was sentenced to two years at the age of 72 for assault with intent to commit sexual abuse.

This session both chambers approve a bill that puts a definition of elder abuse into Iowa law for the first time. It is waiting for the governor’s signature.


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