Severe Weather Awareness Week…Family Ready

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Severe weather events hit so fast and with such furry…we sometimes don’t have the time to think before we react to the crisis.

It is so very important to practice the plan before the emergency occurs.

An emergency kit is essential. You can purchase a full kit like the ones on the top of the page from the Red Cross.

You can also make your own kit with a plastic storage tub that is stored in the emergency shelter area of your home or office…like the basement.

Here is what you need to remember to include.

-Food, Water, Medications and First Aid Kit

-Battery operated NOAA radio, Fresh Batteries.

-Extra Clothing, Blankets


-Cell Phone, Wallet/Credit Cards

5 Key Elements of Your Disaster Plan

1. Learn about local disasters in your area. Weather disasters including Tornadoes, Flooding, High Thunderstorm Wind Damage. But also know if you live near chemical plants or facilities that could poison the area during a severe weather event.

2. Choose 2 locations where you and your family can meet in the event of an emergency. One close to your home and the second in a central location away from your house in case your home is damaged or destroyed.

3. Develop a crisis communications plan. Make sure you have a way to communicate with your family if phone lines are down or cell phone towers are damaged.

4. Have the emergency survival kits for your home and office.

5. Practice your plan.

Preparing Your Home

– Elevate your furnace, water heater and electrical panels if you live in a flood zone.

-Install sewer back-flow valves. This will prevent sewage from backing up in your home during flooding.

– Remove dead or rotting limbs from trees around your home.

– Secure outdoor furniture/patio items so they will not do damage to your home.


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