The risk of severe storms that include hail, damaging winds and tornados is increasing for much of Iowa this afternoon. The eastern half of the state is in the moderate risk area for severe storms. This is one level below the highest threat level. Western Iowa also has a slight to enhanced risk of severe storms.

The Tornado Watch is a rarely issued PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) and goes from 1 PM to 8 PM. Long track tornadoes will be possible with the storms that form across Central and Eastern Iowa today.

The storms look to pop up in western and central Iowa around 2 PM. The storms will quickly strengthen, producing hail and ultimately some tornadoes as they cross I-35 to Eastern Iowa. These storm may move at a speed of 50 mph across the state, so they will move fast.

Here’s a look at a few different time periods this afternoon.

Non-thunderstorm winds will stay strong through it all. There is a Wind Advisory for much of Iowa through 7 AM Saturday. The winds will start from the south this afternoon and shift coming in from the west by late afternoon and evening. Gusts may get as high as 55 mph.

Behind the storms comes falling temperatures and a band of snow in the overnight. Winds will be strong so visibility on the roads may drop for a period of time. A Winter Weather Advisory will be in place for late tonight through Saturday morning.

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