GRINNELL, Iowa — Grinnell experienced baseball-sized hail during a serious line of thunderstorms Sunday afternoon, which left some businesses with thousands of dollars in damage.

Country Inn and Suites on Highway 146 experienced shattered windows, holes in its siding, and serious damage to several cars in its parking lot.

“Honestly, it kind of sounded like a tornado,” said Country Inn and Suites employee Krista Burnett. “It was so loud. I called my husband to make sure my boys were okay at home…he couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear him because it was so loud.”

“My hood really got beat up by the hail,” said Beryl Bender, a Country Inn and Suites guest driving from New Mexico to Massachusetts. “My windshield got cracked…really cracked.”

“It looked like little pea-sized hail inside of the bigger ones,” said Ken Toffolo, who stopped in Grinnell while driving an RV from New Jersey to Mount Rushmore. “It’s almost like a snowball when you roll it, it just keeps getting bigger as it comes through the storm.”

Neighboring hotels Quality Inn and Suites and Comfort Inn and Suites also experienced sizable damage from the hail.

Despite the damage, Country Inn and Suites is still able to accommodate guests.