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***WARNING: The images in the photo gallery above are graphic*** SANDYVILLE, Iowa – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case of several dogs found dead and decaying on a property in Sandyville. The Animal Rescue League issued a press release Thursday morning about the case. The ARL says it was given information Wednesday about the dead dogs and they notified the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. The two agencies met at the property Wednesday night where they found the bodies of dogs in various stages of decay. The dogs were in and around kennels covered in feces and the remains still had collars on them. Investigators are pursuing possible animal cruelty charges in the case. “These dogs are suspected to have suffered and died at the hands of those entrusted with their care and then their bodies were carelessly tossed aside. There is absolutely no excuse for this,” said Tom Colvin, with the ARL. We’ve reached out to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office to get more information on the investigation.