KEOKUK COUNTY, Iowa — A southeast Iowa man is charged with 20 felony sex abuse charges for a decade of alleged abuse of eight victims including his ex-wife, girlfriends, a baby-sitter and a two-year-old child. Matthew Robert Reynolds of Hedrick, Iowa is charged in both Jefferson and Keokuk Counties. The Iowa Department of Public Safety says the arrest of Reynolds on Friday brings an end to a four-year investigation.

Across ten criminal complaints released by the DPS on Monday, authorities in multiple jurisdictions paint a picture of a controlling, insatiable and sexually violent man who preyed on those closest to him. Victims say they were plied with drugs, assaulted as they slept or isolated into impossible to escape situations by Reynolds. We’ve identified the victims mentioned in those reports as:

  • Victim 1: a babysitter who claims she was plied with alcohol and drugs then raped
  • Victim 2: former long-term girlfriend who claims she was “fed drugs” to keep her “under his control”; she estimates she was raped at least once-per-month for five years
  • Victim 3: former girlfriend who alleges consensual sex turned into overt sexual abuse
  • Victim 4: two-years-old at time of abuse; daughter of another victim
  • Victim 5: former acquaintance alleges she was told “If you say no, it’ll be worse” before she was raped
  • Victim 6: sister of another victim; claims she was raped at Reynolds’ home, driven to a field and told to perform sex act or walk home
  • Victim 7: ex-wife; estimates she was sexually assaulted multiple times per month throughout one-year marriage
  • Victim 8: friend of another victim; claims she inexplicably woke up naked next to Reynolds at his home

According to a news release from the Iowa DPS, their investigation into Reynolds began in the fall of 2018, culminating in his arrest on Friday. He remains jailed in Keokuk County.

One of Reynolds’ alleged adult victims told authorities they believed he had penetrated her with an object at his home. When authorities recovered that object and performed tests on it, they found the DNA profile of a two-year old child who lived in the home with Reynolds and her mother at the time.

In 2018, Reynolds was arrested and charged with enticing a minor in Wapello County. He was found guilty but is still awaiting resentencing. In 2021 he was arrested in Mahaska County after a 15-year-old-girl reported seeing him masturbating in his vehicle. Reynolds was found guilty and paid a $105 fine.