SENIOR HEAT: Nurses Check On Patients

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Caretakers are keeping a close eye on the elderly in this heat.

Home Health Nurses with UnityPoint at Home are checking in on seniors this week and educating them about the heat.

87-year old Charles Wasker is one of RN Lilly Baker’s patients.

Baker stops by to check Wasker’s vitals and ask questions about his health weekly.

On Tuesday Baker stopped by to make suggestions to Wasker on ways to beat the heat, including drinking plenty of water and staying inside.

She also makes sure her patients know what symptoms to be aware of if the heat should become too much.

“We try to educate on signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses, headaches, nausea, vomiting, rapid heart rate,” says Baker.

Wasker agrees and is taking Baker’s advice.

“I don’t normally even try to go out on a day like today,” says Wasker.

Baker says heat related illnesses can happen quickly in older people.

When it’s hot, it’s important for family and neighbors to check on seniors, especially those living alone or in need of assistance.


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