Senator Grassley at Johnston High for Q&A


Senator Charles Grassley (R) New Hartford IA takes questions from Johnston High School students.

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JOHNSTON, Iowa- A lesson at Johnston High School, not from the internet, or a textbook, but rather a chance to question one of Iowa’s U.S. Senators.  For the better part of an hour Wednesday morning Senator Grassley took a wide range of questions from students on topics like the department of Education, or the legalization of marijuana.

Grassley said as the Department of Education, someone could vote to abolish it, but that would not take away the programs of the department or the employees who administer them.  As to marijuana law, Grassley said he first wants to make sure current laws are followed .

Grassley was asked about the effort to combat the Ebola virus.  “I think with world travel what it is, I would go one step further than this administration has so far,
and do like Britain and France and stop travel from those countries. to the United States.”

As to the war against ISIS the Republican Senator agrees with the President’s action with bombing. “Grassley said he wants “no boots on the ground.”  He added,”so far the President has made the right decision on bombing.”  Grassley went on to ask, “but is he doing enough of it?” Grassley said in the end that is a military decision.

Some national pundits are saying the Braley-Ernst Senate race makes Iowa a pivotal swing state in deciding who controls the U.S. Senate. “I believe that we’re going to end up with more than 51, so I wouldn’t say that Iowa is the only one,” said Grassley. “I can say with certainty with Joni Ernst’s election to the United States Senate, Senator Reid is no longer going to be running the United States Senate,” added Grassley.


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