LINN COUNTY, IOWA — A semi-truck driver was texting while driving when he rear-ended a tractor and injured its operator this week, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office says.

The crash happened on Tuesday around 7:00 p.m. in rural Linn County at the intersection of Troy Mills and Rundell Roads. According to a news released posted on social media, 44-year-old Charles Bach was traveling southbound in his tractor while pulling an implement when he was hit from behind by a semi driven by 56-year-old Walter Grabau.

The tractor was flipped onto its top on the road way. The semi crashed into a ditch and then a farm field. Bach was taken from the scene by ambulance with what are being called “non-life-threatening injuries”. Grabau wasn’t hurt in the crash.

Grabau has been cited for Use of an Electronic Communications Device While Driving and Following Too Close.