DES MOINES, IOWA — The heat wave arrived in Iowa on Saturday, and it will only get worse as the week wears on with highs anticipated to top 100 degrees.

On Monday the City of Ames started it’s in-school hours for the Furman Aquatic Center. That meant the pool was open earlier for water walking and lap swimming. But the pool was not open this afternoon. It does open Monday between 5:00 and 7:00 pm for open swimming.

“Our intended goal is to operate the school in-session hours to their fullest,” said Aquatics Manager LeAnn Hawk, in a news release. “However, with most Furman employees being students, staffing these hours can present challenges. As such, hours of operation may change based on staff availability to meet State requirements and ensure the safety of patrons and staff.”

For the latest on the swimming schedule, check the Furman Aquatic Center Facebook page.

Ames Parks and Recreation Director Keith Abraham reported Monday that with Iowa State and other schools starting this week, the swimming staff at Ames Park and Rec is now at one third of it’s numbers from this summer.

That means keeping cool for some involves a trip to Ledges State Park to wade in Peas Creek.

“Took the day off to get out to Ledges to spend time with the boys before they get back to school,” said Issac Rahto, of Story City.

“I’m concerned about the next couple of days it’s going to be about as hot as we ever get in Iowa,” said Gene Kehoe, of Waterloo. “It’s going to be 105 the next couple of days so this is the place to be is you want to be cool refreshed.”

“It’s beautiful, the water is so refreshing, I’ve been coming here 40 years,” said Mark Metz of Des Moines. “It does feel cooler down here than it does in the Upper Ledges, with all that Iowa farm land.”