Seeking Justice: Another Victim Alleges Marty Tirrell Scammed Him

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DES MOINES, Iowa–  A growing number of people are saying the same thing about former Des Moines sports radio host Marty Tirrell.

Some of the accusations date back decades but police say it’s his most recent scam that led to a federal indictment.

Tirrell is charged in the six-count indictment with mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud.

He’s accused of convincing eight people to invest in a plan to buy and sell tickets to sporting events.

Instead of buying the tickets, the indictment claims Tirrell used the money for unauthorized purchases and for his personal use.

The group of investors say they’re out more than $1.5 million.

Tirrell was in handcuffs as he was led into the federal courtroom Thursday afternoon.

With his attorney by his side, Tirrell showed little emotion during the hearing.

Also, in the courtroom were three of Tirrell’s alleged victims, and as we found they aren’t the only ones who say they were scammed.

“I was very upset about the situation,” PJ Caffrey said.

What was supposed to be a relaxing trip to San Antonio, Caffery says was ruined because of Tirrell’s web of lies.

“He is very good at what he does being a broadcaster,” Caffrey said.

Back in 1999 Caffrey was the winner of one of Tirrell’s radio contests.

“An all expenses paid to the big championship in San Antonio,” Caffrey said.

Caffrey says getting to San Antonio was fine but returning home wasn’t.

“When we get back to the airport in San Antonio and try to check into the flight, well he is such a degenerate gambler that he lost all of his money and he cancelled our plane tickets, so we had to pay for airfare to get back to Kansas City,” Caffrey said.

Caffrey says he was out a couple thousand dollars.

“Four times, three of the times he kept bouncing checks to me to reimburse me,” Caffrey said.

Caffrey doesn’t expect to see a dime but is glad someone is seeking justice.

Originally, Tirrell wanted out of jail, but a judge did not allow it.

Instead offered him the opportunity to stay at a residential treatment facility pending a mental evaluation.


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