SEBRING’S E-MAILS: Relationship With Army Captain

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The emails reveal Nancy Sebring, the former superintendent of Des Moines Schools and John Hintz, an Army Captain featured on "60 Minutes," met at a school function.  A picture posted on the district's website shows the two of them, arms around one another at a fitness expo at Lincoln High School earlier this year.

Hintz helped organize the fitness expos, held at various Des Moines Schools, with Sebring's help.

In an email on April 13th, Hintz writes, "This event turned out to be pretty amazing and a large piece of this stems from you allowing us to do it in the Des Moines Schools."

In another email, Sebring writes to Hintz, "I think you are perfectly suited to be a school administrator!  Have you considered working in Omaha?  Could you please help us revise our emergency response manual?"

Some email threads are several pages long, written at all hours of the day and night and during Sebring's work hours.  Many emails are sexually explicit, discuss work and family and disclose personal problems.

On March 19, at 10:54 in the morning, Sebring tells Hintz, "I don't even like to fly and can only do so with the help fo drugs (mostly legal)."

Sebring also discusses issues concerning the Des Moines School Board.

In this email, Sebring tells Hintz, "I got back to back phone calls from two of the veteran board members to complain about the board president and what she is, or is not doing.  She does seem to be dragging her feet... and it is getting increasingly difficult to keep the board focused and productive."

Hintz and Sebring also discuss the ramification of being caught.  In April, Hintz stops using his military email account and switches to a private account and send this email to Sebring:  "You are a public figure... and I'm in the military... This means that every test, email, picture... anything will be gone the minute I am done reading it."


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