SEBRING SAGA: Court Denies District’s Appeal

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The Iowa Supreme Court has denied a request for interlocutory appeal by the Des Moines School District in a lawsuit they are facing filed by former superintendent Nancy Sebring.

The court filed its ruling Wednesday in the case. Sebring is suing the school district, its spokesperson, the former school board president and a school attorney. She claims they deliberately released private e-mails she sent from her school district account that contained sexually explicit details.

An open records request by media was made when Sebring announced she was leaving the district to take on the superintendent position for Omaha Schools. She claims the district tipped off media to the content of some of the e-mails and that made them expand their open records request.

Sebring resigned abruptly in May of 2012 after learning the district was releasing the e-mails.

Attorneys for Sebring released a statement Thursday on the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling saying, “The Iowa Supreme Court’s rejection of defendants’ motion for interlocutory appeal, coupled with Judge Pille’s earlier rejection of defendants’ motion for summary judgment, means Dr. Sebring will get her day in court, and that this case will finally move forward after almost a year of needless delay.”

The trial in the lawsuit is scheduled for November.


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