SEARCH WARRANT: Points To Flores’ Involvement

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When David Flores was sentenced last month for the 1996 death of Phyllis Davis, prosecutors agreed not to charge him in connection with another case.

Now we’re learning more about that case and Flores’ possible involvement.

The crime Flores will never be charged with occurred last September, six months after he was released on bond from prison. It was a home invasion and robbery on Des Moines’ south side.

Flores was not named in the police report, but he is named in a search warrant recently unsealed.

Flores was not charged and will not be charged for this crime because of a plea deal.

According to a police report the resident, “came home to find his girlfriend, Lindsey Johnson, tied up inside the bathroom….He was then confronted by two white males…both armed with handguns.”

According to the search warrant and surveillance video of the home, detectives believe one of the robbers was David Flores. The camera, which was installed to monitor drug activity, showed a person with “a personal description consistent with David Flores.”

Detectives also linked Flores to the crime by tracking his phone records. They show he was in the area where the robbery was committed.

Calls to Flores’ attorney were not returned, so we went to Flores’ home to ask him about the search warrant. He didn’t answer the door but he did call his mother, who then showed up at the home.

Flores wouldn’t come out of his home but he did agree to talk to me on his mother’s phone. Flores said he wasn’t involved in the robbery. He says the cops are just out to get him – following him.

Police won’t confirm or deny.  They say if they are conducting surveillance on Flores they wouldn’t be able to talk about it because it would be part of an on-going investigation.

As we said, Flores cannot be prosecuted for the home invasion last September, but three other people are charged — among them, the victim’s girlfriend Lindsey Johnson.  Investigators believe she was in league with the robbers.

Polk County Attorney John Sarcone won’t talk about why the decision was made not to charge Flores because of those on-going cases. He did say, it’s all part of the plea negotiations and eventually everything will come out.


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