J.D. Scholten Taking on Rep. Steve King Again in Iowa’s 4th District

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa – The candidate who came close to unseating Rep. Steve King in 2018 is taking another shot at the nine-term congressman – and getting some help from Hollywood to do so.

Democrat J.D. Scholten announced Monday morning he will run in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, challenging King, a Republican, again after a narrow defeat.

A campaign video was also posted. Narrated by actor Kevin Costner it evoked the virtues of Iowa, its people, and Scholten himself.

“It is here. Among the rolling hills, along the endless road, in the wind. It’s in the dirt and the mud and the soil. In our calloused hands, their gentle touch. A sense of who we are. It is here in the fields and in the seed. Amongst the cattle, the machine. In our towns and our homes, our blessings and our troubles. In the elders who know too much and our children who know too little. It is here. Our virtues, passed down through the seasons, sowed in the earth from long ago. Grown and nurtured and tended too. It is here. Rooted within us. Within him,” Costner narrates.

In the news release sent by the campaign, Scholten said “Too many Iowan families feel like they’re getting kicked in the dirt, suffering from an economy and a government that just doesn’t have their interests at heart. We need a system that works for all people — not just special interests and those who are lucky enough to be at the top.”

King was first elected to Congress in 2002. His margin of victory has been above 20-percent in the general elections since — except for the race against Scholten and in 2012 against former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack. Scholten lost by 3-percent of the vote and Vilsack lost by about 8-percent of the vote.

Scholten is holding events to kick off his campaign. Monday night he’ll hold a rally at 1214 4th Street in Sioux City at 6:00. Tuesday night he’ll be in Ames at Mother’s Pub at 9:00 for a rally.


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