JOHNSTON, Iowa — The Johnston Police Department is warning residents of scammers who are impersonating a member of the police department in an attempt to get money.

Johnston Police Chief Dennis McDaniel said in a press release that “these scammers steal names of real agency personal solely to scare you into paying them.”

Below is a list of tips the police department provided so you don’t become a victim to the imposter scams.

  • Don’t trust caller ID readings. Scammers often spoof names and numbers to look like a local caller
  • Don’t answer calls from a number you don’t recognize — let it go to voicemail.
  • Hang up if someone threatens you with arrest, legal action, or seizure of your accounts.
  • Don’t speak with anyone online who you don’t know and don’t share any personal photos or information about yourself.
  • If someone asks for payment via gift cards, money wires, or mailed cash hang up on them. These methods are used often because they are harder to trace.

If you receive a scam call the Johnston Police Department asks that you report it to them by calling (515)278-2345.