SAYLORVILLE LAKE, Iowa — Hot weather, high winds, and soaring gas prices did not stop people from driving to Saylorville Lake Marina for the holiday weekend. 

“Being around fun people yes, it’s a good kickoff for summer,” said visitor Rob Philipsen who went to the beach with his band. 

“We don’t plan to get on the lake today cause we’re on our motorcycles so we’re going to enjoy the weather that way.”

Down at the marina, people also grabbed a bite to eat from Fleetwood at Saylorville. 

“Good music. I can sit here and watch sports,” said visitor Tanner Light.

But the holiday also brought along some strong winds, ruining people’s plans to rent a boat. 

“I would think a lot of more people would be out here if it wasn’t as windy today,” said C.O.B Manager for the Boat Rentals and Boat Club the Boat Katie Coggeshall.

 “If you’re comfortable with choppy waters, definitely go ahead, if you’re not I maybe stay away for today.”

However, in spite of the high winds, it did not stop people like brother and sister Adam and Laura Woerdehoff from heading to the marina for the day. 

“Since all the boats are full we’ll just go over to the beach and hang out for a little bit.”