Sanders Supporters in Des Moines React After Clinton Endorsement

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Senator Bernie Sanders announced on Tuesday that he is endorsing Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

While the announcement drew cheers from the crowd attending the joint speech in New Hampshire, it also drew a sense of disenfranchisement from some staunch Bernie supporters in Des Moines.

“To see him endorse someone that has really gone against what his whole campaign was for is, I don`t know, it`s sad, it`s really sad,” said Sanders supporter Kate Gorden.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was quick to try to capitalize on the endorsement.

“Bernie Sanders endorsing crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs,” Trump said via Twitter.

Leaders of the Sanders campaign in Iowa say uniting the party is the only way to defeat Trump.

“They should trust Senator Sanders and the decision he made and respect that. This is a political process, this is what happens, she does have the majority of the delegates going into the convention and I think a lot of people could see the writing on the wall over the last couple of months,” said Mitchell Henry, a former Sanders delegate.

However, not all Sanders supporters are disappointed.

“I`m actually really happy that Hillary`s being supported by him now, I feel like I got to support my platform and I think she`s going to get it done too,” said Holly Jasper, who caucused for Sanders.

Though he isn’t on the ticket, Sanders is making his presence felt on the party platform. The draft of the Democratic platform features several of Sanders’ main talking points, a $15 minimum wage, building better infrastructure, and campaign finance reform.

However, some Sanders supporters say it isn’t enough for them to back a Clinton ticket.

“Even if she does adopt them, I mean, great hopefully they`ll pass but I really don`t see myself supporting her. Even with Bernie`s backing I know that her policies won`t change, I know her record, and if I don`t vote for Hillary I`ll still have a clean conscience,” said Gorden.

The official party platform will be ratified during the democratic convention starting on July 25.

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