DES MOINES – The Salvation Army has unveiled its new mobile social service center which will allow it to serve rural communities that normally would have trouble commuting to Des Moines.

Major Butch Frost, the Salvation Army’s Iowa Capitol Area Coordinator, said that the mobile social service center will provide aid to communities that would have never had access to their brick and mortar buildings.

“We have individuals out there that are seeking help that do not even have the funds to drive close to Des Moines to get the assistance they need,” Frost said. “Communities that are on the smaller side, they need our support, they need to take care of their people. We need to support them to help them do that.”

Frost pitched the idea for the mobile social service center earlier this year. Due to an outpouring of support, the Salvation Army was able to finish the project in only a few months.

“The ask went out to DART and in 24 to 48 hours we had an answer, yes we have a bus for you,” Frost said, “Then we started putting feelers out, and the next thing we know we had corporations individuals saying hey let us give towards this let us give towards this let us support you in the endeavor that you’re on.”

One of the first stops the mobile service center will make is De Soto on October 3rd. Starting out the bus will only be making visits to communities one day a week.

Frost said that they are currently looking for volunteers to go out on the bus to help serve the communities the Salvation Army visits. They also needs bus drivers.

“We’re definitely looking for drivers because with the bus you have to have your CDL you have to have air brakes so we’re looking for someone who wants to volunteer their time to drive that bus,” Frost said.

To learn more about how you can help the Salvation Army visit their website.