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DES MOINES, Iowa — A safety-pin may be small but it now carries a big meaning.

There were even sold out earlier this week at a popular arts and craft store in West Des Moines. Now some are permanently behind the movement.  President-elect Donald Trump’s victory has given a common household item, the safety-pin, new life for many looking for new ink.

“Decided that I had a commitment to equal rights and this was a symbol we have taken on with the safety pins,” said, Pammela Neslon, a delegate who voted for Hilary Clinton.

Pammela is no stranger to the equal rights movement but she can’t say the same about the tattoo chair.

“It’s my first, very first.”

Pammella along with others, including Des Moines’ Carrie Black Tattoo artist Sydni Geyer, say the significance of a safety-pin, whether temporary or permanent is sweeping the country.

“You are an ally to all the disenfranchised people in the country right now.”

Pammela agreed, saying, “This is a permanent part. This is a label I will wear until the day I die.”

Sydni says seeing the safety-pin has a calming effect.

“It’s comforting to know not everybody is full of hate, that there are very loving open-minded people out there.”

It’s people driven towards love.

Pammela said, “Overwhelming pride. I voted for Hillary, I voted for equal rights.”

It’s a two-way benefit for the artist as well.

“This one, I feel like it’s so significant right now so it gives me warm fuzzies to do them,” said Sydni.

She says that pride will be paid forward with ten percent the costs going towards an undecided upon charity

“If I can’t decide it, it can always go to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name probably.”

Carrie Black Tattoo has priced the safety-pin tattoo at their minimum of $50.