Safeguard Your Animals, Number of Missing Pets Jumps as Weather Gets Warmer

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The Animal Rescue League says now is the time more and more pets go missing — it is getting warmer outside and people are not the only ones itching to get out of the house. That is why the ARL urges pet owners to take the necessary steps to safe guard their pets.

Step one, microchip your pet. That way a vet or any animal shelter can easily contact you if your lost pet is taken in.

The ARL gets in anywhere from 25 to 50 animals every day, about half of those are strays and only a handful of those are coming in with microchips.

In the rare case, some people will find an animal and decide to just keep it. This happened to Rocky, Rocky had been missing for two years, the owners even had him microchipped. Unfortunately, somebody kept Rocky and when Rocky got out of their home, somebody else picked him up and took him to the ARL. They scanned his microchip and returned them to his original owner.

“It’s sad all the way around, it should have just never happened because now you have Rocky’s family who has been without him for two years and you have that family likely fell in love with Rocky as well and now won’t be getting their beloved dog back,” Animal Rescue League Spokesperson Stephanie Filer said.

If someone does want to adopt the pet they found, they have to wait between three to 10 days depending on the city. If the owner does not reclaim the pet within that time, they are the first in line to adopt.

“All of the animals that are adopted from the Animal Rescue League are microchipped, vaccinated and altered, spayed/neutered, so all that is included in an adoption fee. Cats have an adoption fee of $100, dogs an adoption fee of $125. You could not do all those things on your own, at a vet and pay retail prices,” Filer said.

The ARL also partners with a statewide lost/found website, anyone who has lost a pet can sign up for notifications that anytime a new one comes in they will be notified.


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