GRAPHIC WARNING: The story includes descriptions that some may find unsettling.

SAC CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — An Iowa woman who is accused of leaving animals without food or water has pleaded not guilty to charges that she neglected animals in her care.

Billi Jo Langner, 47, of Sac City, is charged with six counts of neglect of an animal causing serious injury or death and one count of interference with official acts. In a written arraignment filed on February 8, she pleaded not guilty to all six charges and waived her right to a speedy trial.

According to court documents, the landlord of Langner’s previous residence found two deceased dogs and three deceased cats at Langer’s residence. The animals were found emaciated and decomposing. The home was allegedly filled with animal urine and feces.

Prosecutors said that Langner left the animals in the home after she moved out without any food or water.

Initially, Langner was only charged with five counts of animal neglect. However, according to a criminal complaint filed after she was arrested, while the owner of the property was cleaning out her former living space another dead cat was found in the residence. According to the criminal complaint, the additional deceased animal was found in the basement of Lagner’s former home.

She is being represented by James E. Heiliger of Unity Law + Mediation, PLC. A pretrial conference has been set for March 24 and a trial in the case has been set for April 4.