CLARE, Iowa — Nancy McCabe wants to know when the USPS mail carrier will show up. She and a growing number of mainly rural customers are frustrated they’ve been without mail service for the past nine days.

“We have a very narrow window we can catch the Clare post office to run packages up there,” McCabe said.

McCabe has been keeping track of the days there’s been no mail service. Since November 14 there has been no mail delivered or picked up on 15 occasions.

She’s not the only customer fed up with the disruption of service.

“My neighbor, same thing, he and I were talking and he has an extermination business and he
sends out his invoices and he’s waiting on checks from people for his services too, so it’s not just
me. We order a daily paper and I don’t get that,” McCabe said.

McCabe knows quite a bit about the process of running a mail route, she was the mail carrier on the Clare/Badger route for 11 years before retiring in 2019. McCabe estimates 120-150 customers rely on the route for mail service. It’s not clear how many of the customers have been impacted.

When McCabe was able to reach someone at the main Ford Dodge post office, the liaison in charge informed her they were short staffed and apologized, McCabe said.

She has reached out to the Iowa Attorney Generals Office and Sen. Chuck Grassley for help. Both responded saying they are looking into the problem.

WHO 13 contacted the main post office in Fort Dodge where mail on the route is sorted and sent out for delivery. A representative said a supervisor would need to call us back.