DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s one of everybody’s worst fears, an active shooter situation. It can happen anywhere. That’s why the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is offering presentations about “Run, Hide, Fight.” It’s a program designed to prepare people if they’re ever confronted with this dangerous situation.

The training, which was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, gives people tips on what to do if they’re in an active shooter situation. First, people should try and run to safety. If that’s not possible, they should find a space to hide. If they’re confronted by the shooter, they should fight them if they can.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Cpt. Ryan Evans said the course has been popular when offered in the past, but even if someone can’t make it to a presentation, it’s important they learn the information. It could save their life.

“Active shooter has become a term that everybody’s familiar with so if everybody’s going to be familiar with the term and the incidents that we’ve had in the past, we really feel here at the Sheriff’s Office that this information needs to be just as familiar,” he said. “Like I said, as many lives as you can save during the unfortunate incidents, the better, and this information just an aid to help anybody that finds themselves stuck in a situation like this.”

The Sheriff’s Office is hosting two “Run, Hide, Fight” presentations in March. One’s on March 2. The other one is on March 14. It’s also hosting two in May. One on May 16 and the other on May 24. People can sign up on the Sheriff’s Office’s website. Space is limited.

Evans also said people who can’t make a presentation but want the information can contact the Sheriff’s Office and they’ll share it with you.