DES MOINES, IOWA — – There is a new vaccine available for newborns that protects from RSV – however, the vaccine is in short supply.

RSV causes common cold like symptoms in adults but for newborns it can lead to deadly respiratory infections. Dr. Audrey Bush, a Pediatrician at UnityPoint Blank Children’s Hospital, said that the best way to find the vaccine is to talk with your pediatrician.

“Definitely start with your pediatrician and they can probably tell you if they have it if they’re planning to have more also checking out websites and check the website for your specific clinic or your clinics group they can hopefully tell you if they have availability and that’s probably the best spot to start” Dr. Bush said.

Dr. Bush said that the hospital sees RSV cases every year and that a vaccine makes a huge difference.

“We know to expect to see cases of RSV and it fills the ER every year the hospitals every year the ICU every year and were seeing it on the coasts already for a few weeks it tends to spread inwards from east to west and we’re starting to see more cases here in the midwest as well so unfortunately its part of the bread and butter we see every year and we love the idea of a vaccine to help reduce the number of kids were seeing here at the hospital and hoping in the future we’ll see more and more of that” Dr. Bush said.