RRWA: Tap Water is Safe to Drink, Despite Taste and Smell

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CENTERVILLE, Iowa — A southern Iowa water provider said it is aware of the complaints about the smell and taste of their water, but they assure customers it is safe to drink.

Rathbun Regional Water Association (RRWA) draws its water from Rathbun Lake. Toxic algae blooms in the lake have shut down beaches and led to a Department of Natural Resources warning to keep kids and pets away from the water. The water association said the algae blooms are to blame for the taste and smell coming from taps. However, RRWA said the water has been treated and is safe to consume.

RRWA said the problems will continue as long as the bloom continues. Hot weather, a lack of rain and farm runoff are all contributors to algae blooms in Iowa lakes.


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