Local Flooring Business Donates Rugs to Teachers Across Des Moines Metro

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IOWA – Royal Flooring in Urbandale is donating extra material to school classrooms across the Des Moines metro.

Royal Flooring Director of Marketing Courtney Ruge said the idea came from one of the owners.

“We have what is called remnant carpet in our warehouse, which is carpet that is essentially leftover from larger projects that can’t be used in a new construction house because there’s just not enough of it,” Ruge said.

Each rug is cut to be eight by 12 feet.

At Urbandale School’s ‘Metro West Academy’ the school is using it to finish up a project that would have taken an additional year.

Metro West Academy Director Mike Moran said, “It was so perfect because we were just trying to complete our carpeting project in our science room.”

Clive Learning Academy Third Grade Teacher Taylor Schabel said she is using her rug for students to sit on for floor-time.

“It was something that I had wanted to buy at the beginning of the year, but I had already used my start-up fund. I am just grateful that we got it donated for free,” Schabel said.

Executive Interim Director at Children’s Garden and Day Care Center Brandi Davis said they received seven rugs.

“The thought that people want to actually invest in our children’s early development is very heartwarming ’cause like I said not everybody really realizes what an impact we have,” Davis said.

So far, Royal Flooring has donated 100 rugs to schools and teachers across the Des Moines Metro.

“We really like to impact the community and make a difference in people’s lives. We know that teachers often times are pulling from their own pockets to make their classrooms what they need to be to cultivate learning,” Ruge said.

If you are a teacher interested in receiving a rug call 515-957–9738.


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