STORY CITY, Iowa — When Kade Blume returned to the wrestling mat last Saturday for Roland-Story, some Norsemen cheerleaders had reservations about being mat-side.

WHO13 has heard from several family members of wrestling cheerleaders for Roland-Story who did not feel comfortable supporting Blume as he wrestled. Blume recently came off serving a suspension for violating the student good conduct policy. Blume is expected to plead guilty to felony assault in juvenile court after being accused of ‘assault by penetration’ of a fellow student using a pencil earlier this year.

Blume served a 20% suspension from the current wrestling season. His return became public after the school’s wrestling Facebook page announce his victory over the weekend, only to be edited later with his picture and name removed. On Thursday, the district announced it had come to an agreement with the Blume family that Kade would not participate in any extracurricular activities for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year.

Parents tell WHO13 the school principal met with cheerleaders the following Monday and said the girls either had to cheer for everyone or they would not be allowed to cheer at all.

“I was contacted by a mother (Tuesday) morning of a cheerleader who is also a friend of mine and she told me that did happen,” Jasmine Goeders, who resigned from the Roland-Story school board Monday evening said. “I have no reason to disbelieve her. If that did happen it deeply saddens me.”

On Tuesday, parents said their daughters came home from school and informed them the principal gathered them together to clarify they could decide who to support. They were then asked to meet individually and sign off on the statement the district sent on Thursday which read in part:

“The school district is aware that there is a rumor circulating in our school community regarding the Roland-Story High School cheer team. The claim is that cheerleaders were given an ultimatum that, if they did not cheer for a wrestler they did not wish to support, they would be removed from the team. The claim is not true. Through ongoing conversations and a second meeting with the cheer squad, we were able to clarify that there was no ultimatum and that members of the team did not have to cheer if they were uncomfortable.”

Roland-Story Community School District

Some family members voiced concern they were not made aware their daughters were asked to sign off approving the statement without their consent and were not given a copy of their children’s signatures.

“That pressure should not be put on young people. They should certainly be given the freedom to choose who they want to represent,” Goeders said.

WHO13 has reached out to the superintendent asking if cheer members were asked to sign off on the statement by the principal and cheer coach. We have not received a response.