ANKENY, IOWA — An Ankeny High School teacher is still in the hospital, a week and a half after a cycling accident. Since news first broke of his crash, his community is rallying behind him.

Greg Lage was riding his bike home after bartending on Saturday morning when he apparently hit loose gravel and crashed – striking his head. He almost died before police officers found him and got him to the hospital. Greg is in the ICU at MercyOne Hospital in Des Moines, where he remains unconscious.

The Lage family has been with Greg every single day in the hospital, and they are able to do so because of the support from the community.

“He’s the best dad ever,” said Sadie Lage, Greg’s oldest daughter, “It’s really, really amazing to see just how wide of a reach that he has, because we think he’s wonderful. But it’s nice that everyone does too.”

Sadie is referencing the comments on Greg’s CaringBridge site. There is a link on the site to the GoFundMe, which has raised over $60,000 for Greg’s recovery, and a link to buy, ‘We Ride with Greg’ t-shirts. All of the proceeds from those shirts are going to Greg’s GoFundMe.

“He loves Raygun and he would be thrilled to see that he has a shirt with his name on it,” said Sadie. “They asked if they could make it, came up with this awesome design and they’re just wonderful. We wear them every day. We show up and there’s always people in the waiting room wearing the shirts, just trying to support him and cheer him on.”

The GoFundMe organizer is a lifelong friend of Greg’s wife, Mindy. She originally set up the fundraiser the Sunday after the accident.

“So, all of these things that we think about in terms of what the family will need, just having money there for them so that they can focus on that and not worry about the money,” said Kim Callahan. “Nobody should have to worry about money, especially in this situation.”

Callahan said that she knows the family extremely well and that there is no one more deserving of all the community support the Lage family has received.

“I think they are humble giants in their communities, and I think that is reflected in all of the support they have gotten,” said Callahan. “They are just a great family.”

Callahan is acting as the go-between for the Lage family and those seeking ways to help. Besides the GoFundMe and the t-shirt fundraiser, the community is stepping up to help the family not worry about everyday tasks.

“That meal train has been a huge support, and our yard looks better than it ever has in probably the last five years,” said Sadie. “So just super, super thankful to them and that support as well.”

Some former players from Ankeny’s football team cleaned up the Lage’s yard and the family has their meals taken care of through October.

For now, the Lage family is holding on to hope for the well-being of their father.

“Hope, that’s the big thing,” said Sadie. “We’ve just been trying to stay as positive and hopeful as possible. Every day we see signs that things are getting better, but then there’s a minor setback….this might be a long journey and process, but in the end everything will be okay.”