Rick Perry for President

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Dialing for Perry: Iowans have been getting some long distance calls lately from Texas. Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds got one. So did former Senate Majority Leader Stewart Iverson (who is now a state rep. from Clarion). And House Speaker Kraig Paulsen did, too. Paulsen told me his call came this weekend and lasted “a few minutes”. Paulsen said Texas Governor Rick Perry told him he would be coming to Iowa “soon”. I asked what the two talked about. He said they talked about the Air Force. Both served in it. Paulsen said he spent time in San Antonio while he served, 93 days. He remembers, especially the heat.

But back to politics…Paulsen said Perry asked him if he could set up some time for the two to meet when he comes to Iowa. Paulsen said he told him “of course”.

Paulsen said Perry didn’t say whether he planned to run for president and he didn’t ask him.

If you’re keeping score…Paulsen said he has met or talked to Pawlenty, Romney, Cain, Bachmann and McCotter this year. He said when Paul came to the Iowa Statehouse, he didn’t get to meet with him. He said he may or may not endorse someone before the caucuses. Paulsen hasn’t exactly spent a lot of time outside the statehouse checking out the presidential scene since the last legislative session went overtime by two months.


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