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Re-Registration for DMPS Students Begins Thursday for New Hybrid Learning Plan

Return To Learn

Des Moines Public Schools. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — Students at Des Moines Public Schools can start re-registering for classes Thursday, now that the district has in-person learning plans.

This would involve splitting students into two groups that alternate days of the week. But the start dates are staggered by grade level, with high school students likely not coming back until the beginning of November.

The board is also considering adopting its own metrics for switching back to virtual, should COVID-19 numbers rise in the fall.  A previously submitted plan had set a 7.5-percent COVID-19 positivity average threshold for Polk County versus the state’s 15-percent.

School district officials are now planning to meet with Polk County Health Department experts to devise new guidelines.

The new metrics and the start dates for in-person learning are expected to be finalized at next Monday’s meeting.

Governor Kim Reynolds isn’t pleased with these ideas.

”It’s not in compliance with the law. I don’t think it really provides the certainty that the parents and students are looking for. It’s movement, it’s not a lot of movement,” said Reynolds.

Because of the lack of compliance, the district could be forced to make up the days spent in virtual learning at a cost of $1.5 million per day.

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