Retired Astronaut Gives Thoughts on Space Force, Supports America Protecting Its Assets

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AMES, Iowa -- "Do I support the Space Force? I don`t know yet," said Clayton C. Anderson, U.S. Astronaut, Retired. "But I do support America protecting her people, and her assets in whatever way is necessary."

Anderson is all for peace in space as on earth, but he also recognizes the threats that exist today.

"I want a peaceful world, just like everybody does," said Anderson. "But until every single solitary country on this planet decides they want the same thing, we have to think the way we do."

Anderson says other nations have already shown us what they can do in space.

"The world is changing and when a country like China can launch a missile and destroy a satellite, positioned in space, and at the time it was one of their own and it was one that didn't work anymore, but when that capability is demonstrated, it gives pause to think about that capability," said Anderson.

Anderson says in these times, the military has to protect our country and its assets not only on land, in the sea, and in the air, but also in cyberspace and yes now in outer space.

"If you think back, oceans, mountain ranges used to be sufficient defense between countries, right?" said Anderson. "Because country A often times wants what country B has. And the history of our world, how did they get it? Usually through conflict, so those oceans, those mountain ranges, are a lot easier to circumvent these days in the world of military technology and tactics. So, now with space, it's the same thing. So everything has adapted."



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