Residents Uneasy About Explosives Found in Neighbors’ Home

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MADRID, Iowa -- Authorities destroyed about a dozen pipe bombs found in a quiet Boone County neighborhood on Monday.

State, local and federal authorities shut down a dead-end dirt near Madrid road after finding about a dozen pipe bombs and weapons at the home of Tjaden Mallory and Leanna Haidsiak.

With the two suspects behind bars, they believe there is no threat public safety, but officials still have a lot of unanswered questions.

Investigators described the devices as typical pipe bombs with end caps. But instead of metal, some were encased in PVC.

Neighbors say they've never seen any signs of trouble at the house. The people who live there are friendly and keep to themselves.

Neighbor Chris Frey said the crime scene was “less than 300 feet from my front door,” where his three children play.

“My son’s been over before playing, and it's scary thinking what's right next door. You think everything's safe.  Lots of thoughts running through my head the last 24 hours,” Frey said.

The family was told to leave their home Monday night before the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the State Fire Marshall’s Office destroyed the explosives.

“Probably not highly destructive, but obviously still very dangerous. I mean, it could cause some significant damage to a person,” said Boone County Sgt. Dallas Wingate.

The blasts from the safe detonation of the homemade devices could be heard about a mile away.

“It just sounded like a flare, like a real muffled pop,” said Lisa Elswick.

Once those pops stopped, Elswick wanted to know one thing.

“What were they planning to do with them?” she said.

State and federal authorities are still investigating for that answer but say there is no reason to believe the pair had any ties to terrorism or planned to the use the pipe bombs to hurt anyone.

“There is no indication that that's the case at this point obviously the investigation is still ongoing, but at this time, we don't see any kind of connection like that,” Wingate said.

After a tense 24 hours, the news is restoring some peace of mind in the normally quiet neighborhood.

“It was scary to know that there was somebody so close to us that had something like that,” said Elswick.

“When it comes to possibly hurting my family or causing them harm, that's when I get a little upset,” Frey said.

The ATF says it's sending the detonated pipe bomb material to its lab for tests.

Mallory and Haidsiak could face federal explosive charges and firearms violations. They were booked into the Boone County Jail and charged with unlawful possessive of offensive weapons, a Class D felony.


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