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DES MOINES, Iowa — In late October more than 500 dogs and puppies had been taken away from an Iowa breeder due to horrific conditions. Since then, around 200 dogs have stayed in the area at shelters and the remaining pups have been transferred to other shelters in surrounding states. 

The Director of Animal Services at the Animal Rescue League, Joe Stafford said that the dogs arrived in various physical and emotional states and they have been individually assessing each one and catering to the dog’s needs.

“There was everything from A to Z really. I mean, there were dogs that were puppies that were perfectly healthy in terms of their appearance. Their behavior was normal for a puppy. There are dogs that needed extensive medical care and a lot of these dogs had not had close physical contact with people, a lot of them had never touched a concrete floor or grass,” said Stafford.

Now, many of the dogs are doing well, and over 70 of them have already found homes in Iowa according to the shelter. 

There are still other dogs and litters of puppies that are in foster care and will be filtering into the shelters soon.

For more information on these dogs, donating and the adoption process you can find the link here.