Rescue of hundreds of dogs from Seymour farm continues


SEYMOUR, IOWA — A Warren County man has surrendered his breeding license after authorities had to remove more than 500 dogs that were found living in horrific conditions.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa and the ASPCA say Daniel Gingerich agreed to surrender his animals after the USDA documented more than 190 violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
In a complaint filed by the Department of Justice, Gingerich had multiple properties with dogs that were either deceased, living with untreated injuries or illnesses. Dogs were also placed in small cages with moldy food.

The ASPCA believes the USDA should hold breeders accountable if they break the law.

“It’s disappointing that the USDA took so long to act,” said ASPCA, Legal Advocacy Senior Counsel, Robert Hensley.

“So to prevent this from happening again in the future, USDA needs to stop treating its licensees as customers and start enforcing the Animal Welfare Act.”
The CEO of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa believes the law needs to be reviewed and revised.

“The challenge of using the Animal Welfare Act, either on a state or a national level just seems, that the process needs a lot of attention, a lot of work,” said Tom Colvin.

As of November 3rd, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has not announced any charges against Gingerich.

The ASPCA and the ARL will hold a press conference about the large-scale rescue at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Thursday, November 4th at 10 AM.

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