DES MOINES, IOWA — House Republicans passed an amended version of Governor Kim Reynolds massive education bill on Tuesday.

The bill passed with a vote of 55 to 42, with six House Republicans voting no, sending the bill back to the senate to review the changes from the amended version.

The amended bill still includes requirements for school districts to upload all curriculum on it’s website; includes a mechanism to remove books from libraries that contain graphic depictions of sexual acts; removes the requirement for education on vaccinations for HPV and HIV viruses; as well as restricting education on gender identity and sexual orientation in grades K-6; and other education bills are included.

The amendment added the “graphic” language when looking to challenge a book and adding language to ensure that not just parents or guardians can challenge a book, but taxpayers in a school district can as well. The amendment struck the governor’s proposal that would have required all high school students to pass a civics exam to graduate from the district.

House Republicans argued that school districts have misused the trust of parents.

“Parents send their children to school to learn reading, math and writing. When they do this they are putting trust into the school and the staff there. Unfortunately some of that trust has been broken due to schools pushing woke-ism,” said Iowa State Representative Skyler Wheeler, (R) District 4 from Orange City.

House Democrats said that there was some good parts of the bill, but the majority of the legislation they were against.

“There is no one size fits all for book selection. My rights and parent’s rights are being trampled if someone else is deciding for me what my child can read,” said Iowa State Representative Sue Cahill, (D) District 52 from Marshalltown.

Iowa Republicans will need to agree on several aspects of the massive education bill before both chambers pass the same version and send it off to Governor Reynolds.