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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A black man from Louisiana who was in Iowa working to re-elect David Young says West Des Moines Police Department arrested him without cause and he says racial profiling is to blame.

Keilon Hill, a Baton Rouge native, says he was knocking on doors in a West Des Moines neighborhood on Monday, October 29th when West Des Moines Police approached him on a report of a suspicious person.  Hill recorded his conversation with police on his cell phone.

In the recording Hill tells Officer Clint Ray that he wasn’t breaking any laws and that Ray had no right to detain him.

Ray: “I’m not going to tell you again, stop.”

Hill: “And what will you do if i won’t stop?

Ray: “I will detain you.”

Hill: “Detain me for what?”

Ray: “You are not listening. I’m investigating a suspicious person.”

Hill: “Have i broken any laws.?”

Ray: “That’s not the point.”

Hill says he tried to walk away and was then arrested for Interference with Official Acts.  He was booked in the Polk County Jail and released.  He went back to work knocking on doors the following day in Urbandale when police were called on him again.

We have requested that the West Des Moines Police release bodycam footage of the interaction with Hill that led to his arrest.  The department says it cannot release the video because an investigation is pending.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is also looking into the situation involving the West Des Moines Police.  Keilon Hill is finishing up his final semester at Southern University in Louisiana but is scheduled to appear in Polk County court on December 6th.