WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Reptiles took over the Hilton Garden Inn Sunday afternoon for the Iowa Reptile Show.

Visitors were able to see snakes, chameleons, bearded dragons, turtles, and even amphibians and insects. Kids were also able to hold the animals and learn about how to care for them.

Jason Cruse, owner and operator of the Iowa Reptile Show, said even though reptiles, amphibians, and insects don’t have fur, that doesn’t mean they can’t make a great pet.

“When you come home they want you to pick them up, they want you to interact with them,” Cruse said. “Your kid can play with them on the literal floor no problem, the only difference is they don’t have any fur. We’re taught as humans that if it doesn’t have fur it’s not a good household pet and that’s not true. They have scales and they want you to interact with them just like a dog or a cat.”

Cold Blooded Expo, the host of the show, plans to hold more shows in Iowa later this year.