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SEYMOUR, Iowa — Monday night turned out to be a rough one for Iowans in the southern and eastern parts of the state as heavy rain, winds, hail, and even tornadoes were reported.

The line of severe storms that passed through the state caused wind damage and several areas lost power.

The town of Seymour was hit hard enough that the center of town had to be closed off due to the damage.

“We had a tornado hit on the south edge of Seymour, went really probably about eight blocks all the way to the east side and damaged…we don’t know for sure how many houses yet. Seymour community School has extensive damage, Alliant Energy’s here repairing gas leaks and I think they’ve got that under control. Electricity’s still out,” said Mayor Caleb Housh.

Due to the damage suffered at the school, classes have been canceled for Tuesday.

The National Weather Service will survey the damage to the Seymour area Tuesday to determine the strength of the storm.