Report: Iowa Ranks Fifth Highest for Deer Collisions

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Watch out Iowa drivers, Iowa has made the list of top ten states where drivers are most likely to hit a deer, yet again.

According to the State Farm Report, Iowa is now ranked number five.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says even though Iowa is high up on the list, the state is slowly moving down thanks to the push to reduce the deer population.

“It’s about the time where the help us stop hunger campaign started, where deer hunters would donate their extra deer. We increased the number of antlerless licenses so we could get on top of the reproduction for the does. We worked with cities and counties to install some deer management zones, special hunts. So we used a lot of different things. We added some bonus seasons to allow hunters out in the field to get that number down and so far we’ve met that goal,” Wildlife Communications Specialist Mick Klemesrud said.

Tony, Moro, owner of Tony Moro Collision Center said even though numbers are down, his body shop has seen more deer collision customers at times when they normally don’t.

“We’ve seen a lot of deer hits all summer long and a lot that I think is due to the fact that some of the streams and stuff have been overrun with water because of the rains we’ve had, the big rains all at once. And it pushes deer out of their habitat too.So there’s a lot of things that have changed this year,” Moro said.

With mating season and crop harvest coming it will be peak deer collision time and if you do hit one, Moro has some advice that people often overlook.

“Stop, pull over and make a good attempt to make sure you don’t have any fluids leaking from your vehicle, we have seen a lot of vehicles that have more severe damage because they kept driving and they were out of coolants or transmission fluid or things like that, that are in those radiators,” Moro said.

State Farm estimates that one of every 73 drivers hit a deer from July of 2017 to June of 2018.

Klemesrud said it’s important drivers do not veer for deer if a crash is inevitable.

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