Repeat Sexual Offender Takes Plea Deal in Two More Cases


Mason Reilly (WHO-HD)

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Iowa — A woman who says she was raped by a man with a history of assaulting women was unable to stop another plea deal from going through.

Shanna Harker says Mason Reilly raped her while they were camping after a tractor pull in Hamilton County.

“I told him ‘no’ and I asked him to stop, it didn`t do me any good. Next thing I know I’m trying to hold my pants and my underwear up…but he was stronger than I was. I just froze,” said Harker.

A scheduled hearing Monday about Reilly’s request for a new attorney, and the proposed plea deal, turned into Reilly accepting the deal and he was immediately sentenced.

That meant Harker had to share her victim impact statement without warning, and she says Reilly laughed and made gestures throughout the hearing.

Reilly took a plea deal in another sex abuse case, involving a different victim, during the hearing as well. Prosecutors agreed to downgrade the charges from felony sex abuse to assault with sexual intent — an aggravated misdemeanor.

Reilly was sentenced to a total of four years in prison for the two cases, but he will get credit for time served after being behind bars since august.

Judge James McGlynn also suspended the minimum fine of $625 in each case and Reilly will have to register as a sex offender for 10 years.


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