DES MOINES, Iowa — State Representative Jennifer Konfrst won re-election on Tuesday night, and once again was elected to a leadership position in the Iowa House.

Rep. Konfrst, (D) from Windsor Heights, was the first female to hold a leadership position for democrats in the Iowa House during the 89th general assembly. Now, for two sessions in a row Konfrst will be the House Minority Leader. State Representative Lindsay James, (D) from Dubuque, was selected to be the minority whip again as well.

“Representative James is an amazing leader. She’s a great partner. The two of us have an opportunity to truly lead this caucus to increased victories,” said Konfrst. “And most importantly, between now and then, to really advocate for the issues Iowans tell us they care about the most, making sure that our voices are heard at the statehouse.”

Iowa Republicans will have control of both chambers, with the senate Republicans holding a super majority in that chamber. The Senate Majority Leader will be Sen. Jack Whitver, (R) Grimes, and the Senate President will be Sen. Amy Sinclair, (R) Allerton. The Speaker of the Iowa House will be Pat Grassley, (R) New Hartford, and the House Majority Leader will be Matt Windschitl, (R) Missouri Valley.

Konfrst acknowledged that this will be a difficult session with the numbers stacked against democrats, while outlining how they plan to stand up for women’s reproductive rights.

“We may still be in the minority but we’re loud and fierce fighters for a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. So, we are going to fight like hell to ensure that Iowa women have the opportunity to make their decisions, that Iowa women don’t die and that we ensure that Iowa women remain in control of their own bodies,” said Konfrst.

Konfrst said that the vote will go against what the Democrats want to get done this session, but she said that even by voting against potential abortion legislation shows Iowans who stands with women.

Other issues outlined in the Iowa Democrats ‘People over Politics’ agenda is investment in public schools, legalizing marijuana for recreational use and lowering costs for Iowans. Democrats will outline their session plans in more detail as the session gets closer. But, with Republican control of both chambers, their party decides what bills pass through the committee and get to the debate floor.

The 90th Iowa General Assembly starts on January 9, 2023.