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Utility costs can be a budget buster for homeowners, especially if the price to power your home continues to climb. But, a new home in Ankeny shows you can take control by producing your own energy.

Century 21 Realtor Megan Hill shows off the new home in the Prairie Trail neighborhood saying, “As we walk through the living room, you’ll notice the reclaimed beams up above in the living room and the kitchen.”

She says the home offers many sustainable features like recycled carpet and sustainable cork flooring, along with extras. She says, “We’ve got granite counter tops and stainless steel accents here.”

But, Eco-Logic Homes Builder Joel Clutts says the four bed room home is anything but ordinary. He says it’s considered Net Zero, meaning, “Having a house consume as much energy as it’s producing.”

Clutts says that means your energy costs should average out to zero during the year. He says, “In essence, we build a tight as home as possible through orientation, through insulating properly, to keep the energy load down as much as possible from a user perspective. And, then we start to create energy.”

The home has 20 solar panels on top of the roof. It’s designed to create enough energy for the home throughout the entire year. Clutts says the home is connected to the power grid. It will produce extra energy on sunny days and maybe not quite enough on cloudy days, but it evens out over time. He says, “You design and you model the home appropriately, and then you size your solar PV system the right size, so it should produce just about what it consumes.”

The home costs $335,000. The price is more than a home of similar size, but Clutts says to think of it as mortgaging your energy bill over thirty years, so you can control costs down the road. He says, “The goal is we want to make sure everybody knows this is attainable. It may be at a premium, but it’s attainable, and if this is what you’re interested in, you can get it.”

Clutts says it’s attainable along with all the other green features the home has to offer.

The model home is open from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sundays.

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