Remembering Timothy Chicoine

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Timothy Chicoine died pursuing his passion. He was an avid sportsman and kayaker.

Chicoine lost his life in a kayaking accident on January 5. Chicoine and 56-year-old Kevin Beatty capsized while kayaking by the Red Rock dam near the south Tailwater area of the Des Moines River. Both were taken to the hospital, where Chicoine was pronounced dead. He was 61 years old.

Rik Shannon met Timothy Chicoine 14 years ago, in the St. Marys area.

“He and his wife and family were among the first to actually invite us into the community,” said Shannon. “You know, make us feel a part of something, because we moved down there pretty much without knowing anybody. So, I`ve always valued that and always valued the friendship that arose from that.”

And that friendship stayed strong.

“Despite the fact that we`ve moved back into the city, we`ve always remained in touch,” said Shannon. “Tim and I have been good friends through those years.”

Shannon describes his late friend Tim, as being funny, kind, and generous, and rather than focus on the loss, he’s thankful for what was.

“We had a great relationship,” said Shannon. “And, I for one am just grateful for the time that I did have with Tim…life`s short, you know. Life is fleeting and one thing I will say about Tim is Tim lived every moment of his life to the fullest. And, if I could learn anything from Tim, I hope that’s the message that I take away.”

To read Timothy Chicoine’s obituary and learn about his funeral arrangements, click here.


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