REMEMBERING NEWTOWN: Local Benefit For Victims and Families

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When news broke that kindergarten students were targeted during the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Derek Zerr was instantly moved.

“I have a nephew that’s five years old and I just thought to myself, what if that was him? It just broke my heart,” said Zerr.

While many sent their thoughts and prayers, Derek and his family knew they needed to do more.

That’s why they organized a silent auction and raffle Sunday at the Landmark Event Center in Ames.

Friends and family members collected donated items from local businesses with proceeds from the highest bidders going to the United Way of Western Connecticut.

“We have an Iowa State signed football by the whole team, and an Iowa State signed basketball by the whole team,” Zerr told Channel 13 News.

Melissa Nelson and her family were among the many that showed their support.

“My oldest is a first grader, so it was very heart breaking for me,” Nelson said.

She bid on cupcakes that she’s thankful she still has the opportunity to share with her young children.

“I believe it’s good to do good deeds. That’s what I’m trying to teach my sons,” said Nelson.

Thanks to bids from families’ like Nelson’s, victims in Newtown, Connecticut will soon feel love and support all the way from central Iowa.

Around $5,000 dollars was raised between the silent auction and cash donations.

A check will be sent to the United Way after remaining auction items are sold.

If you’re interested in any of the remaining items, visit the Facebook page below.


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