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AMES, Iowa- This weekend Reiman Gardens is playing host to the Iowa Quilter’s Guild. The show is to encourage the art of quilting through beautiful displays of garden-themed art.

“The first year it was small a lot of the quilts we’re not hung in the best way so we decided to come help them make it a better show, “ said Jeni Christensen, of the Iowa Quilter’s Guild. “It’s now turned into a show, that shows 110 top quality quilts every year one of the best quality shows in the state.”

Christensen said that quilting seems to be getting more popular.

”I think a lot of it has to do with almost the movement you see with local food, local craft and things like that,” said Christensen. “More moms wanting to spend time doing things of quality for their kids.”

The group will also present some quilts of valor to veterans

“The quilts of valor is an organization is a nonprofit that provides quilts to veterans, and pretty much anybody in the service,” said Christensen. “Tonight at about 5:00 will present four quilts to veterans, and then we have another celebration on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 will give away another seven.”