DES MOINES, Iowa – From neighbors in Redfield to neighbors in the hospital, two moms had a memorable birth experience at MercyOne Hospital. 

“And our boys are birthday twins. That was pretty unique. That was the best part,” said Ariana Laing.

Laing and Elizabeth Pruitt both gave birth to their baby boys on Wednesday, August 30, but they didn’t expect to be next-door neighbors in the hospital when doing so. 

Ariana’s Zyaire came three days late and Elizabeth’s Ryder came three weeks early. Both moms are grateful for healthy babies and that it worked out the way it did.

“It actually is really nice because the support in a hospital setting where you think you’re going into it with strangers and then knowing you go home and we’re not strangers, we’re far from it,” Laing and Pruitt said. “We’ve created a family and it’s really wonderful.”

If all goes well, both families plan to be back home in Redfield by the end of the week.