RED ROCK: Baby Geese Take Over Eagle Cam

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There were two big surprises near Lake Red Rock over the past week.

First a nest built by an eagle couple and fitted with a web cam was occupied by a goose. Then Wednesday, another surprise, 4 or 5 of the eggs in the nest hatched.

The Gladys Black Eagle cam was built to watch a pair of eagles. They moved out and built a new nest across the road. Now the web cam is watching the goslings and their mother. Some comments on the website say they can hear the father goose flying nearby.

“Actually we thought we had another 25 days left to go before it was really a big surprise,” said Marla Mertz, who is the Marion County Naturalist.

She said it would be possible for the geese to leave the nest on Thursday, but there is no certainty.

The effort is spearheaded by the Lake Red Rock Association, which wanted an eagle cam to help promote outdoor education, and the memory of Gladys Black of Marion County, who worked tirelessly to observe and protect wild birds in Iowa.

Check out how the goose family is doing below.


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